With over a decade of programming experience Lynetech brings a host of abilities to satisfy your project's needs.

  • Extensive experience with PHP development, including MVC frameworks such as Symfony
  • A passion for understanding your requirements,
  • Responsive designed sites, to make sure all of your customers see your content
  • Systems planned and built using Object-Oriented and SOLID principles
  • Where possible automated testing and Test-Driven Development is utilised
  • No project too small, quality pays for itself at any scale

We have a lot of happy customers all over the UK, projects from Educational modelling and systems to help teachers track the progress of their classes, to Financial backend systems and simple brochure websites. Productivity tools to e-commerce storefronts. Not only can we make something that will satisfy your needs, we'll endeavour to conjour new ways to harness technology so you can make the most of your resources.

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While only a growing area of our business, games are something that inspire a passion at Lynetech.

We've worked on several prototype games and looking forward to eventually bringing something to market

  • Extensive use of the Unity3D engine, along with the modelling application Blender, lets us create interesting and engaging new worlds
  • Void Dreadnoughts (WIP) is a voxel based spaceship game where players can create their own craft using simple overlapping of objects which are scanned and converted into a single object. Damage is modelled at a very small scale, allowing parts of the ship to be destroyed or removed.
  • Exonero (WIP) take control of a wing of dropships, deploy marines and defences or take on the enemy yourself in a customizable attack ship. Orchestrate the movements of your ground forces and try to predict the enemies next move. Deny them the resources they seek, help save the allies of Earth. Let your friends take part.
  • Zataxia (WIP) help a band of survivors survive an apocalypse by building new settlements and become self-sustaining. Find new survivors, avoid bandits, build a new home. Whole-world tracking and simulation, clear an area of threats and securing it comes down to your structures. Leave a gap in your wall and something might get through.

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Unify your development team, boost confidence and quality.

There are infinite different ways to program, and each developer will have followed their own path to your team, but brining everyone together under one system can bring huge benefits.

Start small - with some basic guidance you can begin to get everyone working from the same page, a coding standard, pair-programming and code reviews can help to bring everyone into alignment.

Expand gradually - Start to work SOLID principles into your ploanning and implementation, use pair programming or reviews to make sure they are implemented (and keep it friendly!)

Boost confidence - Folding the Test Driven Development technique into your teams daily routine, watch as a full suite of tests makes maintenance and refactoring a trivial task. Every bug report adds to your code coverage and team members can swap seamlessly between each others code knowing they can rely on the tests.

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